ESD - G10/FR4
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A new, Electro-Static Dissipative material offers users a number of important benefits. Among them:

  • The ESD material is an integral part of the G10/FR4 glass epoxy base.
  • The surface resistivity can be supplied to the users specification.
  • It offers improved machinability and tighter tolerances.
  • Designed to meet MIL STD 1686.

While most ESD coatings are sprayed, painted or laminated to an insulating base, this product is physically part of the glass epoxy base. This, in turn, eliminates the potential chipping, cracking or peeling. Also, there is no need for paint booths, paint chemicals and other potentially dangerous and costly equipment and materials.


This material offers high mechanical strength at room temperature. It exhibits good dielectric loss and electrical strength under both dry and humid conditions. In addition, it has flame resistance of at least Class I in accordance with NEMA test method 7.11.


Designed to meet MIL STD 1686, this electro-static dissipative material can be supplied with a surface resistivity to any level from 105 to 1012 to meet customer specifications.

Electrically Conductive

  Static Dissipative


100  101  102  103  104  105 106  10108 109 1010  1011  1012  1013 1014 1020

Intended for use in static sensitive electronic equipment.

Can be supplied in cut-to-size sheets per customer specifications.

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Phenolic high pressure laminates, carbon fiber & laminated plastics - Current Inc.

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