Terms of Sale
Phenolic high pressure laminates, carbon fiber & laminated plastics - Current Inc.
  1. Availability: Current Incorporated is a manufacturer. Most material is made to order, with standard lead times. Inventory items posted on our web site are over runs, or canceled items not normally guaranteed to be in stock.
  2. Delivery: Current Incorporated will not guarantee delivery. All delivery dates are estimated. Current is not responsible for delays, with manufacturing many problems arise; from suppliers, to machine maintenance.
  3. Disclaimer: All information contained in this web sight is believed to be accurate, reliable and true to the best of our knowledge. Current Incorporated is not responsible for determining which material is suitable for your application, we will help make suggestions, and provide samples for you to perform your own testing.
  4. Payment: Current Incorporated works with each customer as an individual. Our standard terms are Net 30 days from date of invoice. Current Incorporated will inform the buyer of their particular terms on their order confirmation. In the event an account is overdue, credit hold will go into immediate effect. No material will be manufactured or shipped for that customer until the account is brought up-to-date.
  5. Pricing: Current Incorporated reserves the right to change pricing without notice. Notification of price change will be made, before any order is confirmed. Minimum order amount is $100.00 for sheet material, and $50.00 for other material.
  6. Returns: No material may be returned without advance written permission from Current Incorporated. If material is returned without the proper documentation, the buyer will be responsible for freight both in and out of Current, and a restocking charge.
  7. Shipping: All shipping cost is the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer must specify method to ship. All sheet shipments that are to ship truck ship freight collect. Current Incorporated does not cover freight charges. Current is not responsible for lost or damaged freight. Any problem with freight damage is the responsibility of the buyer, and the freight company.
  8. Claims: Any claims of damaged, defective or shortage parts must be made within 30 days of the invoice date.
Phenolic high pressure laminates, carbon fiber & laminated plastics - Current Inc.

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