AmeraGrip: Revolutionizing Grip for the Modern Era

AmeraGrip is a revolutionary grip solution that combines advanced materials and innovative design to set a new standard for grip and durability. Proudly made in the USA, it offers superior traction, comfort, and versatility. In this blog post, we will explore what AmeraGrip is, its composition, its advantages, and how to machine it effectively.

What is AmeraGrip?

AmeraGrip is a high-performance grip material designed to provide unrivaled traction and durability. It is ideal for various applications, including professional tasks and DIY projects that require a reliable grip. 


AmeraGrip is crafted by combining a proprietary G10 material with advanced Nitrile rubber. This unique combination enhances its grip, resistance, and comfort, setting it apart from regular rubber grips.

Knife handles image 4

Advantages of AmeraGrip:

Superior Grip:

AmeraGrip offers unparalleled traction, ensuring confidence and control even in wet conditions.

Exceptional Damping:

It effectively reduces vibrations, enhancing performance in tasks involving heavy machinery or repetitive motions.

Enhanced Resistance:

Advanced Nitrile rubber provides superior resistance to oils, greases, and other common substances encountered in various industries.

Unparalleled Comfort:

AmeraGrip’s cushioned support reduces strain and fatigue, allowing for extended use without compromising comfort.

Versatile Applications:

AmeraGrip elevates performance across a wide range of tasks and activities, making it suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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How to Machine AmeraGrip:

Machining AmeraGrip is a straightforward process that requires attention to detail and precision. Here are the recommended steps for machining AmeraGrip effectively:

Prepare the Material:

Select the appropriate thickness and dimensions for your project.

Mark and Cut:

Use a bandsaw, jigsaw, or similar cutting tool to accurately cut along the marked lines, shaping the AmeraGrip as desired.

Shape and Contour:

Utilize files, rasps, or sanding blocks to refine the grip’s contours, enhancing ergonomics and aesthetics.

Drill Holes:

Mark and drill holes, if needed, for hardware or attachment points.

Finish and Polish:

Gradually sand the AmeraGrip with finer grit sandpaper, achieving a smooth surface. Consider using a buffing wheel or polishing compound for added shine.

Assembly and Finishing Touches:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for secure attachment of the AmeraGrip to your desired object.

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AmeraGrip is a game-changing grip solution that offers superior traction, comfort, and versatility. By combining proprietary G10 material with advanced Nitrile rubber, it sets a new standard for grip performance. With its exceptional advantages and easy machinability, AmeraGrip is the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts looking to revolutionize their grip. Join the AmeraGrip movement today and experience the next level of grip performance.

If you are interested in AmeraGrip and would like to explore specific colors, thickness options, and sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you and discuss your requirements in detail. Together, we can find the perfect AmeraGrip solution tailored to your needs. Reach out to us today to start the conversation and unlock the full potential of AmeraGrip for your projects.


“So I found out that Current Composites is a local company to me. They make G10, phenolics and have a lot of vintage stuff I have bought through Pops over the years and never realized it was from them! G10 burls, vintage tri color canvas micarta and some other cool stuff from Pops is their product! Then I found out thru FB that one of the granddaughters of the company’s founder lives 5 minutes away from me!

Orange AmeraGrip Material
Black AmeraGrip Material
Gold AmeraGrip Material

They just announced a new product called AmeraGrip on Wednesday. It is fiberglass and rubber similar to other material in the market with a few differences. More fiberglass layers means it’s lighter, less flexy and the color stay more vibrant. The material was announced on Wednesday and I got a set of scales Wednesday night from Ari from Current Composites and decided to make a knife for them! It is the first knife made with their new handle material! Ari is making more and I am hoping Pops gets a bunch in stock soon!!

I got home from work late on Thursday, so I didn’t get to start the knife until after I got home from work on Friday. I wanted to get it built before Mother’s Day (so I could spend the day with my wife!), so I decided to see how fast I could get this done.

 I roughed up the scales and epoxied some toxic green liners to them while my grill was heating up to cook dinner. So at 715 pm last Friday, I started out with a hardened, drilled, profiled AEBL unground blank and a set of Current Composites AmeraGrip 1/4″ orange handle scales with toxic green liners epoxied on. Around 60 minutes later, I got the blade ground to 400 grit, full flat grind, then a fine ScotchBrite belt finish and the handles were rough cut out and the mosaic pins and lanyard tube were cut, beveled and roughed up for gluing. JB Kwik Weld applied and it was clamped at 823pm. 837pm I started trimming the pins down and started to shape the handle. 859 it was shaped to 400 grit on the belt sander, cleaned up with 600 grit by hand and a few minutes later, it got a coat of Tung Oil.

Orange AmeraGrip Material Stacked
Orange AmeraGrip Material Partly Machined
Orange AmeraGrip Material Knife Handle

I did the sharpening, sheath and etching the next day and Ari got the knife Monday evening! 105 minutes from start to finish on Friday night! Had another hour on Saturday doing the sheath, sharpening and etching or so, so around 3 hours total for the build!

All of the abrasives were from Pops as usual! VSM Ceramics, Hermes Flex ceramics, Compact Grain AO belts from Pops, Non Woven belts and of course, the AO Supernovas for the handle. It would have been a lot slower without these awesome belts!

Orange AmeraGrip Material Stacked
Orange AmeraGrip Material Knife Handle 1
Orange AmeraGrip Material Knife Handle on Blue Background

This material is really nice to work with. I often felt the ridges between the rubber and fiberglass with SureTouch and with this material, I don’t feel any ridges! Gives a great grip and looks good!! Pops, call Ari and order a bunch!!!”

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