How Composites and Laminates are Used in the Knife & Weapon Industry

Introduction to the Evolution of Knife and Weapon Handles

The evolution of knife and weapon handles is a testament to the constant pursuit of durability, aesthetics, and functionality in craftsmanship and engineering.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the nuances of handle materials, examining how advancements in composites and laminated products have revolutionized handle design.

We also explore the expertise of Current Composites in this field, illustrating how their innovations in materials and design have met the growing demand for durable and aesthetic handle materials.

The Growing Demand for Durable and Aesthetic Handle Materials

The demand for durable and aesthetic handle materials in knives and weapons has surged in recent years.

This surge is driven by a combination of factors, including the rise in outdoor and survival activities, the increasing sophistication of collectors, and the need for longer-lasting, more reliable equipment in various industries.
The market now seeks materials that endure harsh conditions and offer visual appeal and ergonomic comfort.

Current Composites’ Role in Revolutionizing Handle Design

Current Composites has emerged as a leader in handle design, offering a range of materials that blend durability with aesthetic appeal.
The company’s expertise lies in its ability to develop and utilize composite materials that cater to the specific needs of knife and weapon handles.
These materials are engineered to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining their structural integrity and visual quality.

Current Composites’ Expertise in Handle Materials

Current Composites’ expertise in handling materials is evident in their innovative approach to composites.
They have mastered balancing the mechanical properties required for durability with the physical properties contributing to the handle’s aesthetic appeal.
Their materials resist corrosion, moisture, and temperature variations, making them ideal for various applications.

Specialty Laminated Products for Knife and Weapon Handles: Range and Features

Specialty laminated products from Current Composites offer a wide range of features suitable for knife and weapon handles.
These products include layers of materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber, or other fabrics bonded with high-strength resins.
This lamination process results in strong, lightweight, and visually striking handles, with various textures and patterns available.

Custom Fabrication for Unique Handle Designs: Catering to Specific Client Needs

Current Composites stands out for its ability to provide custom fabrication services.
They work closely with clients to create unique handle designs that meet specific needs, whether for aesthetic, ergonomic, or functional purposes.
This bespoke approach allows for a high degree of customization, catering to individual preferences and requirements.

Exploring the Materials and Resins Used in Handle Making

In handle making, choice of materials and resins  is crucial.
Current Composites uses diverse materials, including stabilized woods, advanced laminates, phenolics, and innovative resins like phenolic and epoxy.
Each material and resin combination offers unique properties, from weight and strength to texture and color.

The Spectrum of Resins: Phenolic, Epoxy, and Others in Handle Durability

Resins play a pivotal role in handle durability. Phenolic resins are known for their excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and insulating properties.
Epoxy resins, on the other hand, offer superior adhesion, chemical resistance, and versatility in mechanical properties.
Current Composites utilizes these resins to enhance the performance and longevity of their handles.

Material Diversity: Incorporating Glass, Carbon Fiber, Phenolic, and More

The diversity of materials used in handle manufacturing is a hallmark of Current Composites’ product range.
Materials like glass and carbon fiber offer high strength-to-weight ratios, while phenolic (or canvas) and other natural fibers provide a unique aesthetic.
These materials are often combined to achieve the desired balance of properties.

The Versatility of Current Composites in Handle Manufacturing

Current Composites’ versatility in handle manufacturing is evident in their wide range of products.
They can produce handle scales that range from sleek, modern designs to traditional, classic looks.This versatility allows them to cater to various industries and personal preferences.

From Knife Grips to Gun Grips: Adapting to Various Weapon Types

Current Composites has adapted its materials and designs to suit various weapon types.
From knife scales that require precise control and comfort to gun grips that need to withstand recoil and provide a secure hold, their products are tailored to the specific needs of each weapon type.

Innovations in Color and Pattern: Meeting Aesthetic and Functional Demands

Innovations in color and pattern are central to meeting aesthetic and functional demands.
Current Composites offers a range of color options and patterns, from camouflage for tactical applications to vibrant colors and intricate designs for custom collectors’ pieces.

Blue knife handle material


Tiffany blue knife handle material

Tiffany Blue

Yellow knife handle material


orange knife handle material


Current Red knife handle material

Current Red

Red knife handle material


Pink knife handle material


Day Glow knife handle material

Day Glow

Neon- lime knife handle material

Neon / Lime

OD Green knife handle material

OD Green

Forest Green knife handle material

Forest Green

Digi Camo knife handle material

Digi Camo

Earth Brown knife handle material

Earth Brown

Coyote knife handle material


Tan knife handle material


Ivory knife handle material


White knife handle material


Battelship Grey knife handle material

Battleship Grey

Cool grey knife handle material

Cool Grey

Black knife handle material


Purple knife handle material


Beyond Conventional Applications: Exploring New Designs in Handles

Current Composites go beyond conventional applications, constantly exploring new design and handle-making ideas.

This includes experimenting with new materials, textures, and ergonomic designs to enhance their products’ functionality and visual appeal.

Pushing Boundaries with New Patterns and Materials

Pushing the boundaries with new patterns and materials is a hallmark of Current Composites’ innovation.
They are constantly experimenting with combinations of materials and techniques to create handles that are not unique in appearance but also superior in performance.

Supplemental Offerings: Advanced Options for Handle Making

Supplemental offerings from Current Composites include advanced options for handle-making.
This encompasses custom infusions, unique material blends, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to provide clients with various choices and the highest quality products.

Unique Infusions and Custom Designs in Handle Materials

Unique infusions and custom designs are part of Current Composites’ specialized offerings.

The Role of Advanced Technologies in Handle Customization

Advanced technologies play a crucial role in handling customization at Current Composites.
Utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM technologies, and material science, they can produce precise, durable handles tailored to specific requirements.

Celebrating Over 60 Years of Excellence in Composite Materials

Current Composites celebrates over 60 years of excellence in composite materials.
Their legacy is marked by a consistent history of innovation, quality, and a deep understanding of their clients’ needs.

The Legacy of Current Composites: A History of Innovation and Quality

The legacy of Current Composites is rooted in its history of innovation and quality.
Over the decades, they have set industry standards, continually evolving their products and processes to meet the market’s changing demands.

Commitment to Quality: Ensuring the Best in Handle Materials

Current Composites’ commitment to quality is unwavering.
They ensure that every product meets the highest durability, functionality, and aesthetics standards, reflecting their dedication to excellence in every aspect of their operation.

Engaging with Current Composites for Handle Solutions

Engaging with Current Composites to handle solutions promises a partnership focused on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
They work closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver products that exceed expectations.

Partnering for Success: How Current Composites Collaborates with Clients

Partnership for success is the core of how Current Composites collaborates with clients.
They believe in open communication, understanding client needs, and providing expert guidance to ensure the best outcomes.

Tailored Solutions and Support: The Current Composites Promise

The Current Composites promise to provide tailored solutions and support. They offer a comprehensive service, from design consultation to after-sales support, ensuring clients receive the best possible experience and product.


In summary, Current Composites is a beacon of innovation and quality in  knife and weapon handle materials.

Their expertise in composites, commitment to customization, and dedication to client satisfaction make them an ideal partner for anyone seeking the best in handle solutions.

We encourage readers to reach out to Current Composites for their customized handle needs, where they can expect a product and a partnership built on excellence and innovation.

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