How to Order or Request a Quote with Current


g10 panels


Welcome aboard! Our diverse group of industries and clients rely on us for consistently quality, American made materials delivered on time and to their expectation. Our team is excited and ready to deliver the same to you.

To help facilitate the process of ordering from us, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to help our customers get what they need, when they need it, exactly how they need it. For any questions, please reach out to our and our team will help guide you towards the information you seek.

Things to Note

The Current, Inc Sales team works in empirical units and typically utilizes decimals rather than fractions in our internal systems. We can utilize other units of measurement; however we will still use our internal standards when processing and completing orders. As such, converting your units to empirical and decimals in your initial RFQ helps expedite our ability to quote and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Please refer to these links for more information on standard dimensions and other technical data for our thermoset composites. 

Laminated Sheet – Current Inc (

Laminated Tubing – Current Inc (

Laminated Rods – Current Inc (

Spacers-Standoffs – Current Inc (

Custom Fabrication – Current Inc (

Custom fabrication can be done, please provide a print rather than just dimensions. If Current cannot fabricate your part, we will provide the material necessary for you to do so.

Special Requests

Current is more than happy to meet special requests of customers. When a part or product you need is custom to you, not listed on our site, or simply a job requiring special attention ensure you put all possible specifications related to the part/product. 

This may look like:

  • A note to include a Certificate of Compliance, REACH Declaration, USMCA Agreement, DFARs, or a Spec sheet. 
  • Cut-to-size
  • Special shipping instructions that may include cutting, protection, or shipping account information.

Submitting an Order or RFQ

You can place an order or request a quote through several methods:


When you place an order, our Sales Team is typically looking for this information:

Required Information

  • Dimensions in empirical units (.500”x36”x48”, .125”x.600”x36”)
  • Material description including type (MIL-I-24768/13 Type FBE, G-10/FR4, Paper, CE)
    • Description should preferably be identified by it’s NEMA or MILSPEC identification.
  • Color (Natural, Green, DigiCamo, Blue/Green, Current Red)
  • Quantity that includes the unit of measurement (QTY 10 pcs per sheet, 12/ea, 4 ft.)
  • External changes to the material
    • Sanding
    • Matte or Gloss
    • Cutting for shipping
    • Masking
  • Additional Information to include when ordering.
    • If you have purchased this material from us before, including our part number or the Purchase Order previously will help expedite the pricing process.
    • We will not quote material earlier than company established lead time. If you are looking for material quicker than we can manufacture, then note that in your request and we will attempt to find a solution.

General Ordering Information and Help:
Lead times are based on raw material inventory and subject to change at any time.
Due to the manufacturing process, parts are subject to rejection from Quality Control and we may ship 5% over or under the ordered amount. Exact quantities must be marked on your PO or RFQ.
Sheeting has a $200.00 line item min, tubing has a $100.00 line item min. Minimum order quantity is based on this, as well as yield from requested dimension.
If you are unsure of the material or dimensions, then please do your best to provide pictures, material description, or previous purchase order number. Requests that do not include exact material descriptions or material identification will be treated as secondary to other requests.
Pallet charges are included in your quote.
The Current sales team prefer to work off of Purchase Orders, but can utilize other forms of communication to process your order. A record of your request, and a purchase confirmation from your end is always appreciated.
For payment, you can pay by credit card, ACH, or send your information to our Accounts Receivable.

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