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Laminated Rods, Standing view
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CURRENT, INC. is a trusted manufacturer of quality Laminated Rods that are dense, structurally resistant and insulating. Our Laminated Rods are available in a variety of diameters from 1/16″ to 4″. Custom measurements are also available based on your specific needs.

CURRENT, INC. products are made to exceed the standards of our clients in a diverse range of applications. Each rod we produce is carefully crafted with thermo-setting resins including: Epoxy, Melamine, Silicone or Phenolic. These powerful resins are integrated with stable base materials such as cotton, fiberglass cloth and paper, or Carbon Fiber. The resulting product is an incredibly strong composite suitable for even the toughest of jobs.

CURRENT, INC. Laminated Rods are strong and rigid, can be easily sawed, drilled, tapped, punched, and threaded with ordinary tools. Current Inc. can customize rods to the customer’s specification to speed up the process. Our talented production team is ready to provide you with a worry-free quote for custom jobs. Provide us with your blueprints or specs and we will promptly send you a reasonable estimate.

You’ll find that Current Inc. is dedicated to providing quality customer service. Contact us at your convenience.

Our laminated sheets, standoffs, tubing, rod and spacers are created with precision in mind. These products are NEMA grade quality and can be trimmed to any size.

Available in NEMA Grades:



Paper based reinforced laminate with a phenolic resin binder. Good machining and threading qualities and fair punching used for electrical applications with great moisture resistant.



Paper based reinforced laminate with a phenolic resin binder. Insulating Stand-offs and other applications requiring excellent electrical insulation and moisture resistance in high humidity conditions.

Canvas (C)


Woven cotton fabric based material with a phenolic resin binder. Applications include Gears and bearings where high impact strength is required.

Canvas Electrical Grade (CE)


Woven cotton fabric based material/phenolic resin. Ideal in electrical applications where mechanical strength is needed.

Linen (L)


Woven fine cotton cloth/phenolic resin. For machining and mechanical applications requiring a fine edge detail and appearance is required.

Linen Electrical Grade (LE)


Woven fine cotton cloth Similar to L with better moisture and acid resistance, best for machined parts with smooth edges.



Continuous filament woven glass fabric with phenolic resin it has excellent flexural, compressive, and impact strengths can be used for some structural applications seals, acid-resistant gaskets, oven internals.

G-5, G-9

MIL-I-24768/8, MIL-I-24768/1

Continuous filament woven glass fabric with a melamine resin binder. High mechanical strength at room temperature. Is one of the hardest laminate grades. Fair dielectric loss and electric strength properties under dry conditions. Excellent arc resistance. Meets UL 94.



Continuous filament woven glass fabric laminated with an epoxy resin binder, Offers high mechanical strength at room temperature. Good dielectric loss and electrical strength under both dry and humid conditions.



Continuous woven glass fabric laminated with an epoxy resin that is flame retardant of at least Class I in accordance with NEMA test method 7.11.



Similar in composition and properties to Grade G-10/FR4 but more suitable for continuous use at higher temperature. G-11/FR5 holds at least 50% of its flexural strength at continuous elevated operating temperatures as high as 300°F

CURRENT, INC.’s mission is to provide quality products that our customers can rely on. We are committed to handling customer concerns in a quick, personable manner. We extend our dedication to precision to the packing and shipping process to get you the products you need when you need them. We are your partners, working throughout the process to help your business.

To get in touch with our dedicated representatives, call (203) 469-1337, Fax (203) 467-8435, or e-mail us. 


Laminated rods can be used for applications requiring electrical insulation and mechanical strength, conveniently it also operates with much less noise than metal. Rods can be used as rollers, guides, in pulleys, and machining components. These products are NEMA grade quality and can be trimmed to any size, allowing the material to be machined into screw machines, spacers, standoffs, shoulder washers. Depending on the material, laminated rods can be used in both dry and humid conditions. 

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