Sandwich Panels

Current Incorporated manufactures structural sandwich panels designed for use in interior applications for mass transit, marine, infrastructure and commercial aviation.

Structural sandwich panels consist of three basic elements: a pair of thin lightweight, strong facings; a lightweight core to separate the two facings; an attachment that is capable to transmitting shear and axial loads to and from the core.

Qualified to BMS 4-20, Mil-STD-401B and FAR 25.853 fire resistance. Some of Currents’ structural panels have been designed to offer superior flame resistance, high-temperature performance along with low toxicity and smoke characteristics.

  • Facings: Consist of woven glass, carbon fiber uni tapes or aluminum. Face sheets provide the required bending an in-plane shear stiffness to carry the axial, bending and in-plane shear loading.
  • Adhesives: Standard epoxy and phenolic films; two part systems and a modified epoxy film designed to meet the FAA flame spread requirements are used in the construction of structural sandwich panels.
  • Resin Systems: Epoxy and phenolic.
  • Core: Aramid Honeycomb, aluminum and foam. The primary function of core material in a structural sandwich panel is that of stabilizing the facings and carrying most of the shear loads through the thickness. In order to perform this job efficiently, the core must be as rigid and as light as possible, and must deliver uniformly predictable properties in the environment.

Material is available in standard 48” x 96” and 48” x 120”sheets. Other sizes available upon request


Current manufactures the face sheets or skin of sandwich panels, which can be textured for aesthetics or ease of adhesion to the core. We do not assemble Sandwich Panels.

A Sandwich Panel Facing is the outside, exposed skin of the sandwich panel that could be made from any of our materials, in many different colors of G-10, and various textures for aesthetic purposes. 

To start an order, go to our Contact page and fill out a form detailing your interests. This will be received by us, and we will coordinate with you to complete the order. Alternatively, give us a call and we will be happy to work with you in that way as well. You can reach our main office at (203) 469-1337.

Our lead times vary based on the market and on the products that you are interested in, but we typically deliver around 4 weeks or less from the order being placed, depending on the material we have in stock. 

Footer Composites

  • Resin Systems:
  • Phenolic
  • Epoxy
  • Silicone
  • Melamine