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Current, Inc. has been a family-owned and operated business since 1962. Our policy is to provide consistent quality product on time and as such, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and are ITAR registered. All our material Is Berry Amendment and DFARs Buy American Act compliant. We always manufacture our products within tolerances set by NEMA standards, and can also provide more specific tolerances when requested by customers and MIL-SPEC guidelines. Current can also provide custom fabrication and secondary machining to have our products match requirements from your technical documents or project specifications.

Current understands that the nature of geopolitics in the modern day represents a challenge to the government, defense, and aerospace industry in completing projects securely and with material they can trust. Supply chain management extends beyond tracking shipments; managing risks from foreign actors in the form of industrial espionage, unexpected global actions that may interfere with completion, and protecting your intellectual property. Current has the competency, capability and consistency developed and improved over 60 years to provide more than thermoset laminate: we provide trust in your systems. When a millimeter off means a missed target, equipment needs to survive harsh environments, and protecting the nation is the ultimate goal, you need to trust that every single part in your project or system is as a capable as the system itself: including the laminates holding it together. BUY AMERICAN, buy Current.

Our American-made material can be found in:

  • Air Ducts Bulkhead Laminates
  • Electronic Instrumentation and Systems
  • Flight Control Surfaces
  • Thermal Protection Systems
  • Hose, Gaskets, Seals, Insulating, and Static Control
  • Cowlings
  • Cabin Management Systems
  • Interior Components
  • Leading and Trailing Edge Panels on the Wings and Stabilizers
  • Light Housings
  • Munition and Propellant Housing
  • Moldings
  • Spall Armor
  • Mounting Strips
  • Primary Wing and Fuselage Structure on New Generation Large Aircraft
  • Propellers
  • ISR Sensor’s
  • Turbine Engine Fan Blades
  • Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizer Primary Structure on Large Aircraft
  • Washers
  • Explosive Reactive Armor
  • Wear Strips

The resins we use include Phenolic, Epoxy, and Melamine. The substrates (fabric) we use include Glass, Cotton, Paper, Carbon Fiber, Basalt, and Kevlar. Current, Inc. also manufactures electrical grade laminate sheets, carbon fiber sheets, tubing, rods, and spacers as well as ESD G-10/FR4 material. Additionally, we have the capabilities to machine parts in-house and manufacture filament wound tubes with glass and carbon fiber.


Current, Inc. maintains the highest industry standards in quality, service, and safety.


ISO 9000-2015 family of standards


ITAR Compliant


Industrial-Grade Thermosetting Material

  • Fabrication, sanding, and cutting to your specifications.
  • Lightweight, heat-resistant, dielectric sheeting.
  • Phenolic, epoxy, silicone, and melamine resin systems.
  • NEMA Grade linen, paper, canvas, fiberglass and carbon fiber.


Current, Inc. can be found on the DLA DIBBS board system. As the DLA continues to be one of the premier systems for federal contracting, we continue to provide quality material for our customers through their system.

Need help with product selection? For contact information, please review the Current capability Statement available here: Current, Inc. Capability Statement



  • Competency in DFARS Procurement
  • Quick Product Technical Support
  • Efficient Solutions
  • Availability CONUS and OCONUS

Phone: +1 457-331-8328
Address : 30 Tyler Street Ext.,
East Haven, CT, 06511

Case Study 1

A customer reached out to Current asking for G10/FR4 fabricated to their custom specifications for a part in one of their electronic flight systems. We were more than happy to manufacture, fabricate, and machine to meet their exact needs for this material. Current understands how important it is to accommodate the requirements of our partners, and our partners understand the necessity in having trusted, high-quality partners in this field. From quote to delivery, was one month. Now, somewhere thousands of meters in the sky, Current’s G10/FR4 is holding together the avionics systems that help our pilots, and their aircraft, patrol American airspace.

Case Study 2

Several different research laboratories have seen the importance of using Current as a provider for testing thermosetting material in their munitions, vehicles, and electronics. From the Army and Navy to different testing centers within the branches, the material we provide is expected by those in the defense sector to be exact and without error because their projects require the same. Whether it’s increasing loiter time by swapping out metals for our lightweight thermoset spacers or testing new circuit boards utilizing our FR4 on a weapon system to ensure they can handle different environments, Current is ready to help complete your objectives.

Case Study 3

Whether it’s small parts for large munitions, or large parts for small arms, Current is ready to tackle your defense needs: including self-defense. Current is providing several small arms companies with the pieces to build the tools and weaponry necessary to protect ourselves, and our communities. When customers required specific material at exact fabrication to conform to the contours and dimensions of their weapon, Current is ready and prepared. Defense and Current go hand-in-hand: literally. From custom fabricated camouflaged material to specially textured grips meant to keep your weapon steady, handgun manufacturers, knife makers, and law enforcement utilize our material every day to keep you safe.

Case Study 4

One of our larger federal customers needed an order of our laminate sheeting material and utilized their contracting system to fulfill this order. From beginning to end, the entire process was handled electronically through government electronic data interchange systems including status updates, delivery, packaging, and payment. Technical data associated with the order was handled according to regulations and the customer received their order within 30 days. Current staff are trained and knowledgeable in a wealth of different EDI systems and regulations that the government and federally affiliated customers use to track and pay for orders every day and are prepared for yours as well.

At Current, Inc., we strive to manufacture the best products on the market, whatever you manufacture or assemble, there’s an excellent chance a Current, Inc. product will improve it. Current, Inc. is large enough to have all the capabilities our customers need and small enough to deliver exceptional and personal customer service. If you ever have any questions, our office staff is always available to assist you. We also quote at no obligation. Just send us your specifications and/or blueprints. For further information, call (203) 469-1337, Fax (203) 467-8435, or e-mail us.


Current, Inc. has the policies and procedures in place to properly handle and store technical data. Our computer systems conform to NIST 800-171 Basic guidelines, are prepared for the transition to CMMC, and our staff are in consistent contact with our IT team monitoring systems for attempts by bad actors. A System Security Plan and overview of procedures by Current can be provided by the Government POC here at Current.

No, Current, Inc. is proud to not source any of our material from locations based in China, and goes out of its way to avoid using items from China in other forms during daily operations. As well, an Export Compliance Manual in accordance with ITAR regulation and EAR can be provided by the Current Government POC. All of our material Is Berry Amendment and DFARs Buy American Act compliant.

Laminated Sheets up 102” Long, with thicknesses from .005” to 4.00” made from all our available substrates and over twenty different colors. Sheets can be textured, sanded, or glossed. 

Laminated Tubing 36” to 144” Long with internal diameters from .0093” to 4.000”, wall thickness from .020” to 1.000.” Tubes can be grounded, polished, matte, or painted.

Filament wound tubing up to 12” Long and 5 ft wide. Custom shapes and projects made to spec.   

We offer custom fabrication for all of our material, from tubes to sheets, to spacers and rods.


Yes, we take government purchase cards, and our staff can utilize other payment methods such as PIEE and other government contracting specific payment systems.


    Carbon fiberLaminated sheetLaminated tubingLaminated rodsLaminated spacersThreaded standoffsElectro-static dissipativesScrew machine partsCustom fabricated insulating laminates



    Footer Composites

    • Resin Systems:
    • Phenolic
    • Epoxy
    • Silicone
    • Melamine