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Industrial laminates for the Defense Industry

Current, Inc. has been a family-owned and operated business since 1962. We are based in the USA and all our products are USA made. We provide a wide variety of industrial laminates for all your defense needs. We offer materials with excellent thermal and mechanical strength due to several different resins we have available. Our quality processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified so when you work with Current, Inc., you know you’re in good hands.

Current, Inc. is a manufacturer of laminated sheets, laminated rods, and laminated tubing material in various grades and sizes. We can provide custom fabrication and secondary machining to have our products match your specific needs. The resins we use include Phenolic, Epoxy, and Melamine. The substrate (fabric) we use include Glass, Cotton, Paper, Carbon Fiber, Basalt, and Kevlar. Current, Inc. also manufactures electrical grade laminates, carbon fiber sheets, tubing, rods, molded parts as well as ESD G-10/FR4 material. Additionally, we have the capabilities to CNC machine and manufacture filament wound carbon fiber, and filament wound glass.

Our company was one of the first to introduce G-10 into the American gun and knife industries. We manufacture high quality goods that meet military and/or custom specifications. Current, Inc. provides over twenty colors of G-10/FR4 which can be combined in countless ways through innovative processes which create unique patterns. Some of these processes include layering colors, textures with or without peel ply, pressing, and machining. We can cut to size, sand, and surface grind to provide exact sizes, shapes, and tolerances. We always manufacture our products within tolerances set by NEMA standards, and can also provide more specific tolerances when requested by customers. Carbon fiber can be blended with G-10 to create a visually interesting and exquisite marbled effect. Our canvas, linen, and paper are also available in many colors and tones. Composites are an excellent substitute for wood handles and grips. Composites are a stronger and more versatile material, in addition to having a flame retardant option in FR4.

Some of the patterns we have created include:

  • Layered
  • Fingerprint
  • Stonewall
  • Organic
  • Multicolored burl
  • Marbled


The material for knife handles and gun grips that we produce can be applied to pistols, revolvers, rifles, throwing knives, tomahawks, manual knives, automatic knives, and fixed blades. We are renowned for our attention to detail and our materials high performance. We can provide thin, compact, textured, full, medium, or short materials for knife and gun grips. We also manufacture liners for aesthetic variety and handle strength. The G-10 material provides steady traction as well as drag free grip which makes it easy to carry. This material has excellent control, weight and balance, modern features, and high comfort. Law enforcement, the defense industry, handgun manufacturers, competitive shooters, and dedicated sportsmen rely on our products.

Case Study 1

A customer came to us needing high quality, USA manufactured G-10 quickly as they were needing to complete a job soon.

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Case Study 2

A customer requested a solution for ballistic protection, which involves the protection of the body against damage from projectiles.

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At Current, Inc., we strive to manufacture the best products on the market, whatever you manufacture or assemble, there’s an excellent chance a Current, Inc. product will improve it. Current, Inc. is large enough to have all the capabilities our customers need and small enough to deliver exceptional and personal customer service. If you ever have any questions, our office staff is always available to assist you. We also quote at no obligation. Just send us your specifications and/or blueprints. For further information, call (203) 469-1337, Fax (203) 467-8435, or e-mail us.


Yes, using FR4 (MIL-I-24768/27) is more cost effective for the manufacturer and the customer, and it just as strong as G-10 (MIL-I-24768/2). FR4 materials have many color options and patterns available, making them ideal for decorative handles and grips. G-10 is only available in its natural green color.

G-10 has high machinability, stability, and moisture resistance properties. This material can be machined by CNC or laser cutting. It can be finished to specifics by circular or band sawing, shearing, turning, milling, drilling, threading, buffing, and tapping. You cannot machine G-10 the same way as metal in terms of tools and speed, as it will result in delamination. Diamond coated or tungsten-carbide bits work best as the material is very strong and durable. Be careful to always wear personal protection equipment to protect from the dust that is created by machining.

We manufacture high quality, NEMA grade laminates. To find specific properties as per National Electrical Manufacturers Association standards, check out our laminate sheet properties page.

We are always working on innovative and creative patterns. Keep up to date with our newest products on our What’s New page.


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